Noonomy and Noosociety. Almanac of Scientific Works of the S.Y. Witte INID  established by the S.Y. Witte Institute for New Industrial Development (INID) as a peer-reviewed scholarly publication.

The mission of the journal is to direct the scientific community towards active cooperation in the search for a fundamentally new model of global social structure, in the timely fixation and scientific reflection of precursors of global socio-economic and technological transformations, which are just emerging in the practical sphere and are capable not only of bringing into being elements of socialisation of modern modifications of the economic world, but also of forming reliable conditions for a qualitative leap forward - towards a new quality of life and a new way of production.

The journal addresses the issues raised by the concept of New industrial society of the second generation (NIS.2) and the theory of Noonomy.

The Editor – in-Chief is Sergey Bodrunov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of RAS, Director of the S.Y. Witte Institute for New Industrial Development (INID), President of the Free Economic Society of Russia, President of the International Union of Economists and Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Languages: Russian, English, Chinese.

Noonomy and Nooosociety. Almanac of Scientific Works of the S.Y.Witte INID is published since 2022, four times a year in electronic and paper form.