Radhika Desai, University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Canada)


The paper explores the concept of international relations of the capitalist world. The results show that contrary to the widespread tendency to perceive Marx as a theorist of “globalization,” he in fact took the existence of national states and national economies seriously, believing that the relationships between them arise from the contradictions of the capitalist system. The features common to the phenomena of “noonomy” and “geopolitical economy” are identified, conceptually bringing them closer to the historical materialism of Marx

Keywords: noonomy, geopolitical economy, marxism, crisis of the world economic system, contradictions of capital, international relations, creativity, socialization

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For citation: Desai R. (2023). The Geopolitical Economy of the Current Crisis: Potential of Noonomy. Noonomy and Noosociety. Almanac of Scientific Works of the S.Y. Witte INID, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 47–53. DOI: 10.37930/2782-6465-2023-2-4-47-53