Matsas Savvas M., National University of Athens (Greece)


Following the still unresolved, spiraling global post 2008 crisis of capitalism, the configuration of the world is changing. A turbulent transition is under way but it seems to evolve lacking direction. The transition itself is in crisis. Mainstream economics fails to comprehend its nature and find a way out from a historic impasse. The dangers for the survival of humanity and of life itself on planet are immediate and dramatic. They become obvious with the climate catastrophe and the on-going global hybrid war waged by the collective imperialist West. The existential threat of an anthropological crisis of the social metabolism between nature and human society arises from the historical decline of global capitalism. Decline is not only the manifestation of the exhaustion of a dominant principle of social organization but also, as Hegel stressed, a negative expression of the rise of a new higher principle of organization of human relations. The concept of Noonomy advanced by S.D. Bodrunov for a transition beyond the homo economicus to a homo culturalis superseding the division between mental and manual labor by a knowledge-based material production could trace a possible outline of a
future socialist society.

Keywords: global crisis, transition, decline, noonomy, socialism

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For citation: Matsas S.M. (2023). Crisis of Global Transition: Noonomy as Possible Future. Noonomy and Noosociety. Almanac of Scientific Works of the S.Y. Witte INID, vol. 2, no. 3, pp. 60–67. DOI: 10.37930/2782-6465-2023-2-3-60-67