Sergey D. Bodrunov, S.Y. Witte Institute for New Industrial Development (Saint Petersburg, Russia)


The transition to noonomy is considered to be the most rational option for solving significant problems facing humanity. Civilizational development following the direction of noonomy is systemic in nature and based on technological advancement. The importance of technological sovereignty to ensure import substitution in the context of strict sanctions is emphasized. It is shown that instability in the world is caused by the restructuring of the socio-economic system. The guidelines for development and growth should contain the transition to a qualitatively new post-economic state of society. Meanwhile, the role of a person is filled with new content: it becomes creative. With the basis of new values people themselves and their behavior are transformed: from “zoo” to “noo”, from homo economicus to a homo culturalis... Five main directions of development have been identified: a new social model; transition to a scientific and technological breakthrough; environmentally oriented development; a new model of spatial development; response to the Eurasian challenge. The transition to a new organization of the economy of society must take into account the regional characteristics. Industrial macro-regions become particularly important; they become the centers of new industrial development and the crystallization of new technologies

Keywords: civilizational development, noonomy, economic and technological potential, technological sovereignty, sanctions pressure, centers of gravity, human resources, socially oriented society

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For citation: Bodrunov S. D. (2023). Issues of Technological Sovereignty and Civilizational Development: From Modern Society to Noonomy. Noonomy and Noosociety. Almanac of Scientific Works of the S.Y. Witte INID, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 9–18. DOI: 10.37930/2782-6465-2023-2-4-9-18